Market Timing in Forex Trading

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There are a number of Forex trading spots or trading sessions around the world in the different time zones. Of these, London is the hot spot as this is where there is an overlap with the New York and the Asian trading sessions every day.

There are also many different trading strategies used by the different traders. However, these strategies are dependent on the volatility of the market or its liquidity. To be a successful trader you need to take into consideration the strategies to be used. Most of all you need to take market timing into consideration as well. This is an important part of Forex trading and many new traders, and even experienced traders, do not take note of it.

Making Use of Forex Market Timing

The main purpose of Forex trading is to be successful. This means that you need to make a profit. Most traders focus on strategy. However, it is important to trade at the right time as well to make sure of your success.

Market timing means that you have to know:

  • When the markets will be moving ahead of time
  • That you have the ability to notice in which direction it moves
  • That your timing needs to be accurate as well

The Reason for Making Use of Forex Market Timing

Forex trading is high risk trading. If you are not careful, train well and watch the charts carefully, you could incur great losses. The reason you would therefore want to make use of market timing is the fact that you want to know what will happen in advance.

This will make sure that you trade with low risk and obtain the highest profits. It will assist you with entering the market close to your proposed stop. This means that you will enter close to the turning point of the price and be assured that you do not incur too many losses. This means that you will have a better chance at profit and a higher chance of reward.

How to Time the Forex Markets

The major part of market timing is to determine the turning point of the Forex prices in advance. You need to understand how to identify and quantify the real supply and demand in the different markets. This is what will assist you to make sure that you can time the markets, especially the turning point in the market. It will assist you with trading with low risk as well.

The turning point is where you have an imbalance of the supply and demand of Forex. The main issue here is in which direction the price would move. If you know these aspects, you will know how to time the markets as a result.


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