Singapore Forex Blogs Part Three

forex singapore

Singapore Stock Lobang

You want a name that sticks. In terms of a memorable name, Singapore Stock Lobang scores an A. No clue about his real name, so we’ll stick to Lobang. Could it be inspired by the character from Singapore’s comedy film, Ah Boys to Men? In any case, Lobang has a really readable blog as compared to other forex bloggers’ writing style. Lobang has been in the blogging scene since 2008 and he clearly deserves an applaud for continuing his blogging journey. He even went the extra mile to chat with fellow forex traders on Skype.

Singapore Blue Chips

It’s highly unlikely you’ll spot this forex blog if you googled ‘Singapore forex blogs’. It turns out one needs to type ‘blue chips’ to find this gem. Singapore Blue Chips has one of the longest blog tag lines. To fully quote from the site, it is a ‘financial BLOG written by a DIY investor covering Singapore blue chips, dividend stocks, financial education, corporate news, money saving tips, book reviews and my journey to financial freedom. Currently managing a personal portfolio of more than SGD $600,000, I aspire to have an average cash flow of minimum $2500 per month either through realised capital gains or dividends.’ Looks like a pretty sweet deal for forex trader. Singapore Blue Chips’ most popular post is, hands down, Best Credit Card in Singapore. According to the forex blogger’s profile, he is in his early 30s. Well educated, he recently completed his Masters degree. He dreams of building up a portfolio of 1 million dollars and derive a yearly recurring dividend income of 6% by 35. It is a shame that the blogger hasn’t been blogging since late May 2013. The forex blogger may be on hiatus, but we say give it some time. A dedicated blogger like that is sure to come back to the blogging scene.

Forex Achievers and Forex Inner Circle

Blogger Ardy has been trading forex for about 3.5 years and he trades both the major pairs and occasionally the Yen crosses (GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY). In addition, he trades mainly Singapore equities for the last 10 years or so, commodities markets, namely: Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and stock indices like the S&P and the FTSE. Ardy also tracks the other stock indices like the Hong Kong Index, Shanghai Index and the Nikkei. What sets him apart from other Singaporean forex bloggers: readership from over 40 countries. He’s also an avid social media user, with platforms such as Twitter and Google Plus.



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