Beginners Guide on How to Trade Forex

Beginners Guide on How to Trade Forex

All beginners need to know how to trade forex and it is best to follow a beginner’s guide.  When you learn how to trade you should look at training courses that suit your trading style and personality.  After you have learnt how to trade forex you should practice your trading on a demo account.  The best way to start trading is to use only one currency pair.  You should also consider which currency pair you choose.

How to Trade Forex With One Currency Pair

When you learn how to trade you will find that there are a lot of currency pairs.  However, there are a few major pairs that you should know about.  These major pairs are the ones that you should focus on as a beginner.  Major pairs have greater liquidity and it is easier to find information on them.

Once you have identified the currency pair that you are going to trade you can adapt your trading style and plan to it.  Certain currency pairs move the most at certain times and you need to identify when these times are.  You should also study the past trends of the currency before you start to trade.

The Currency Pair to Use

You might wonder which of the currency pairs you should be choosing.  It is often better to take a pair where you are familiar with one of the currencies.  If you live in the UK you may want to consider a pair with the British Pound in it.  The reason for this is that you will have access to information which can affect the currency and you know more of the history of the country and currency.  You will also be able to identify how the currency works and the relationship it has with other currencies.

Of course, you do not have to take one of the major currency pairs.  There are other pairs which are known as exotic pairs that you could use.  The problem with using these other pairs is that you may not be able to trade as much or you will not be able to find information about them.  However, if the one currency is of the country you are in then there is no reason why you cannot use these minor pairs.

Have Patience

Once you have your currency pair you should not jump straight into trading.  You have to do some homework about your pair and the historic rates.  You also have to take the time to map out all the future events which may affect your currency pair.  The more you know about the currency pair you are trading the more prepared you are for any changes in the market.  It is best that take a few days or more to watch the pair before you start trading.

After doing all the research you can on the pair you should try trading on a demo account first.  This allows you to hone your skills and find a comfortable way of trading with the pair.


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