How To Evolve Your Foreign Exchange Trading

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Success comes through evolution. Whether it is personal or professional success you’re after, or achieving new heights as a foreign exchange trader, it is important to maintain a commitment to evolution. In this article, we look at various things the foreign exchange trader can do to evolve into becoming more complete.

How To Evolve Your Foreign Exchange Trading

1. Before You Can Evolve, Understand Where You Are Now. Evolution as a trader can only come about when you carry out an honest assessment of where you are right now. If you’re at a beginners level, still grappling with basic concepts such as identifying support/resistance and drawing trendlines – your evolution aims should remain modest. Your goal should be to cover all basics first, and then seek to progress onto more advanced foreign exchange trading techniques.

2. Learn To Have More Patience. Good foreign exchange traders will always practice patience in a swathe of instances. The markets always put the trader through their paces. There will be many times when upon opening a position, the trade will sneak away from you in the opposite direction. So long as the right stops are applied, there is simply no need to panic if an open position accumulates a loss. Similarly, only enter a position from a stance of patience – take your time to analyse the market trends and ensure that you’re on the right side of that trend.

3. Develop Your Market Awareness. While it’s true that the market sentiment is contained within the charts, good foreign exchange traders still develop a tight awareness of wider market events. Technical analysis can be useful in determining trend direction, but it cannot account for market announcements yet to come. For example, the astute trader will have a schedule of news releases that are due to be released during the week and judge how these news events might affect their open positions and the trade setups they may be monitoring.

4. Learn New Technical Skills. Evolution means constantly learning about new foreign exchange trading techniques and sharpening your existing skills. If you tend to only trade trends, then evolve by learning about range trading and breakout trading too. This means you’re able to trade any and all market conditions rather than limiting yourself to times when the market is only trending. A natural extension of this is to also learn about a wider range of trading indicators. Adding new indicators into the mix can help tighten your trading analysis.

5. Evolve Your Trading System As Your Own Skills Progress. Your trading system should never be set in stone. As your own awareness as a trader evolves, so should your trading style and system. New strategies and techniques can be worked into your existing system to help improve your trading results.

6. Set A Schedule For Structured Learning. The more structured and premeditated your approach towards learning about new foreign exchange trading skills the faster you will become a successful trader. The best way is to determine in advance what skills you need to hone and decide how and when you will pick up those skills.




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