Role of Demand, Supply and Forex Rate in Forex Trading

Ways the foreign rate is increased or decreased

In accordance with the basic economic theory, if the supply of a good raises, nothing else will change, but the forex rate of that good will decrease. In the same way, if the supply of the currency of a country increases, you are supposed to see that it carries more of that currency to buy a dissimilar currency than it did before. If the demand of the currency increases the forex rate of the currency will automatically increase.

Reason for increase of the supply of a currency

Currencies are operated in pairs on the forex market, and the supply of a currency on that marketplace will vary over time. There are some different associations whose actions will reason an increase in the supply of the forex market. These include:

  • Export Companies
  • Foreign Investors
  • Speculators
  • Central Bankers

Export Companies

Suppose a farm in South African farm sells the cashews it manufactures to a large company of Japan. It is possible that the contract will be agreed in Japanese yen. Consequently, the farm will get its income in a currency with restricted use exterior to Japan. As the company requires paying its workers in the local currency, that is the South African Rand, the corporation would put up its Yen for sale in a forex market and pay money for Rands. The supply of Japanese currency, the Yen, on the forex market will increase, and the supply of South African Rands will decline. This will reason the Rand to get its forex rate increased in relation to other currencies and the Yen to decline.

Foreign Investors

Suppose an automobile manufacturer from Germany desires to construct a new plant in Canada. To buy the land, the manufacturer employs construction workers on a contract basis and the company will require Canadian dollars. However, the majority of their cash reserves are detained in Euros. The corporation will be compelled to go to the forex market, buy Canadian dollars by selling some of its Euros. The supply of Euros on the forex market increases and the supply of Canadian dollar decrease. This will cause the forex rate of the Canadian dollars to appreciate and Euros to decrease in value.


Similar to the stock market, there are investors who attempt to make luck with selling and buying currencies. Assume a currency investor believes that the Mexican peso will decline in the future, so it will be less expensive than other currencies than it is now. In that case, he or she is expected to put up his or her Pesos for sale on the forex market and purchase a dissimilar currency such as the South Korean Won. The supply of Pesos increase and the supply of Won decrease. This makes pesos to decline, and Won to go up and increase its forex rate.

Central Bankers

Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and its one among the responsibilities is to control the amount, or the supply, of currency in a country.




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