The Advantages of Performing Currency Trading

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There are many reasons for which you can undoubtedly take-up currency trading as a prime source of income. What makes this field appealing is the liquidity, the easiness in understanding the trade and performing the business, low transaction cost and also the leverage. All these features make the currency trading a popular business field.


The forex or the foreign Exchange market is global and it comprises of many large banks throughout the world and because of this reason there will always be somebody available in the market who may be interested in trading with you. In this market, you can enter in to trade at any time unlike the share market where you may not be able to purchase the share you need due to unavailability of a seller. This is an important feature of forex that makes it really a reliable source of income. You can also be free from the risk of the value of currency getting altered by a single trader.

How easy it is to Understand Currency Trading?

Compared to share market and stock exchange where you need to be familiar with many complex terminologies like dividend and all that. In case of forex market all you need to know is the about the values of currencies on which you need to perform trade and the factors that can influence the variations in the value of the currencies. You can easily understand the way in which the trading can be performed.

Easiness in Trading

As the forex market is open 24 hours, you can work according to your convenience. There is no time constraint in performing currency trading, which makes it really attractive. You can do trading from your office, cafe or from wherever you are. You can even do trading through your mobile phone. All that you need to perform currency trading is an internet accessible phone or computer.

Low Transaction Costs

The cost of a trade or transaction directly depends on the value of spread. Spread is the value that can be obtained by finding the difference between the cost of buying a currency pair and the cost of selling the same. The value of spread changes with time and depending on various factors like the currency pairs and the provider that you are using. The cost of transaction has no influence on the success of your currency trade.


The forex market has another attractive feature, which is called leverage. Leverage is the availability of profit from a higher level even for a small initial margin i.e the upfront cost. Compared to share market where the leverage ratio is 20:1, the forex market posses a higher ratio of 100: 1. In a forex market, when you have a $100 as initial margin, then you get the capacity of buying US dollars of worth $10,000. As the leverage is high, slight variations in the values of currency can bring large gains or losses and for which you should know well about how to use stop-loss as well as stop-limit strategies to manage risks.


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