Using FX UK Hedge Trading

Using FX UK Hedge Trading

When you trade forex you will notice that every trade comes with a certain amount of risk.  You can lose a lot of money if you do not manage this risk correctly.  Hedging is a way that you can protect yourself.  It is best that you know a bit about FX UK hedging.  You should look at the simple hedging strategies as well as some of the more complex methods.  Once you have all this information you can try and protect yourself with this.

What is FX UK Hedging?

Hedging is a means of protecting yourself against a big loss while trading FX UK.  Many people see this as a form of insurance against the huge potential losses they can incur. When you use hedging you are lowering the amount you lose if the market takes an unexpected turn.

Simple Hedging

One of the ways that you can use hedging is through a simple forex hedging trade.  These are also known as direct hedging.  To use this method you will open a trade that buys a certain currency pair.  At the same time you will open a different trade which sells the same currency pair.  While both of these trades are open you will not be making any money.  However, once you see the way the market is going you could close the one trade and make a profit.

Simple forex hedging protects you is through the double trade you are completing.  When you are completing hedging correctly you should have both the trades open.  It is up to you when you close one trade and start trading at a better position on the market.  While you are using hedging you should still include stop loss points in the trade.  Just because you are hedging the trade this does not mean that you can forget the rest of your risk management plans.

Complex Hedging

Once you have mastered using the simple forex hedging trade you can look at more complex hedging.  There are a number of complex hedging strategies on the market that you can look into.  However, it should be noted that a lot of forex brokers do not allow direct hedging on one account.  You might have to have multiple accounts to complete any form of hedging.

The Currency Pairs You Use

When you use hedging you do not have to use the same currency pair.  There are many traders who hedge one currency using two different currency pairs.  The key to using this method is having the one currency in both of the pairs.  In one currency pair the target currency will be the base and in the other currency pair it will be the quote.

There are a number of problems that you can face with doing this.  The fluctuations of the second currency in each pair can cause problems.  If one currency strengthens against the other in one pair you may not see a counter action in your second pair.  This is not actually the best way to hedge a trade because the two currency pairs will not move in the same way.


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