A Simple Guide to Forex Trading


Trading on the foreign exchange market (also called the forex or FX for short) is the fastest growing area of small scale trading. As the internet has advanced, the ability to successfully trade online has grown with it, and the forex market is perfect for that type of fast-paced, minute to minute, exciting online trading. So how does it work?

As simple as can be

In its simplest form, Forex trading is about buying an amount of money in one currency when it is at a low price, and trading it for a different currency when its stock rises. For example, you start with one thousand US dollars and you use those dollars to buy a currency that is down from its regular value.

You then wait for the value to rise against the dollar and sell it back, gaining back your original thousand and some profit on top. You do not have to trade back to the same currency so you might just re-invest in another low currency, then sell that on again when it rises. You shift your money around as currency prices rise and fall, hopefully making profits all the way.

Two basic methods

A long term investment is one way to play the Forex market. This is for the more patient trader who does not want to be spending time every day at the computer. A long term investment would be buying up currency that is at rock bottom, then waiting months or even years for the economy to improve before selling on for a huge profit.

The other method is short term speculation. This is the more exciting aspect, where you trade fast and often, watching the rates rise and fall and jumping from currency to currency trying to make profit with ever step. This style of trading can see you make great profits in a really short space of time, though the speed at which things move can be a dangerous game.

Learn the history, predict the future

Trading is a gamble, but you must make it a calculated one. There is obviously risk involved with Forex trading, but that is the case with all investments. Crazy things happen every so often in all walks of life and the foreign exchange market is no different. That does not mean that most of the time it isn’t entirely possible to make real money by learning from the past and playing smart. Money moves in trends and patterns, and with forex trading you can get by with knowledge of just the top 10 or so currencies. Get learning, then get trading.




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