Breaking Down Foreign Exchange Trading Barriers

Breaking Down Foreign Exchange Trading Barriers

A lot of new forex traders do not take the time to consider the mentality needed to trade on the market.  There are many barriers that people have which can cause problems with their trading.  It is important that you learn what these barriers are and how you can remove them before you start your foreign exchange trading career.

The Foreign Exchange Trading Barriers

The first barrier that needs to be looked at is your emotions.  While we are told that it is important to connect with our emotions this is actually very bad for your trading.  The more you connect with your emotions when trading the more likely you are to make emotional trades.  Emotional trades can easily lead to losses because they are not based on facts, and are often not consistent with trade strategy.

Another barrier that needs to be overcome is a lack of knowledge.  This is something that all new traders experience as they start trading.  However, it is also one of the easiest barriers to overcome.  There is nothing stopping a trader from overcoming this barrier other than their belief that they know what they are doing already. Become a learner and you will soon be a Forex earner.

The last barrier that you should consider is losing focus of the big picture.  Forex trading is easy to get lost in as the fast-paced nature of the market grabs you.  However, you should never let this excitement obscure the big picture.  The big picture is what you are hoping to achieve from your trading and how much you are looking to make each day or week.

Breaking the Barriers

Once you have identified what the barriers are you have to know how to break them.  The first way is to monitor your performance.  When this is done you are able to pinpoint when you let your emotions get the best of you.  It is also possible for you to see what areas of the market you need to learn more about.

To stay focused on your big picture you should have your goals written down.  Writing down the goals makes them more concrete and they will stay in your mind longer.  You can also post them around your workspace to ensure you are constantly reminded.  When you monitor your performance you should compare how you are performing to your goals.  This is a good way to keep your focus on your goals as you remember what you are working toward.

You also need to learn how to deal with losses.  Emotions are often triggered by a losing trade and can manifest is fear, sadness or the want of revenge on the market.  You have to accept that you will sometimes lose because everyone loses on the market.  Even the most successful forex traders do not always make a profit on their trades.

You should try and stay as objective as possible.  It is easier to do this when you have a trading plan that you can work off.  These plans remove emotion and help with limiting the amount of pressure you feel when trading.


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