Forex Calendar Events that Affect the British Pound

Forex Calendar Events that Affect the British Pound

One of the major currencies that many traders use is the British pound.  If you are looking at currency pairs with this currency in them you have to know about the news and reports that affect the movement.  The release of all of these events will be listed in your forex calendar, but it is important to know what they are.

Forex Calendar Events for Inflation and Prices

The price of good and inflation affect every currency in the world and you need to know what reports to look at.  If the inflation in the country increases there is likely to be depreciation in the value of the currency.  The increase in inflation may also cause the central bank to take action.

The reports you need to focus on for this with the Pound are the CPI and PPI.  These are the Consumer and Producer Price Indexes.  For inflation you should look at the CPI which calculates the price of goods and services for a specific time period.  The reason for the importance of this report is that the Bank of England uses it to identify inflation and whether something needs to be done.  The PPI report is seen as many as the one which tells you what leads to inflation.

The Country’s Monetary Policy

The monetary policy of a country can have serious effects on the forex rates.  These policies are often used by the central banks to control inflation levels and include interest rate changes.  The reports you should look for with the Pound are the Bank Rate and the Bank of England Inflation Report.  The bank rate information traders need can be found on the Bank of England website and reviewed monthly by the Monetary Policy Committee.

Sentiment and Confidence

Market sentiment and consumer confidence can tell a trader a lot about a country and what the currency may do.  These reports are often more helpful to fundamental traders as they tell you about the views of people on the economy of the country.  These views can cause shifting trends in the currency value.  The reports that you should look for are the Nationwide Consumer Confidence report and the GfK Consumer Confidence report.

Both of these reports are based on 5 questions about the consumer’s expectations for the further, the economy and the employment levels of the country.  The difference between the two reports is related to the timeframe used.  The NCCI looks at current expectations and expectations for the next 6 months.  The GfK report looks at the last 12 months and the next 12 months.

Trade Balance and Payment Balance

The balance of payments that traders look at relate to financial interactions between countries.  There are three accounts that make up the balance, but a forex trader only needs to look at the current account.  This account shows the levels of imports and exports in the country which is the trade balance.  The reports that you should look at are the Trade balance and Current Account reports.  The Trade Balance report is released monthly while the Current Account report is release quarterly.


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